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Artist Statement

Photography has always been something I’ve enjoyed.  I always have to have a camera with me just in case I find that perfect scenery or that perfect moment and I’ll be ready to capture it. I hope this passion doesn’t just end; eventually I want to buy a professional camera and take some fun amateur photos. Thank you photography for helping me express my view on life.

Best Five photos

I chose this image because it used a mix of Photoshop, creativity, and acting to really bring this photo to life. I got this light bulb from the international DECA conference in Orlando and I really wanted to add it into a picture so I hung it from string on the ceiling and through Photoshop I edited it out and made it look like it was glowing.  I took this photo at my dining room table, and I’m trying to sat that world is filled with brilliance.


 I chose this particular photo because it won the scale and proportion photo challenge and it really demonstrates tilt shift. Using a tutorial that Mr. Strong showed us we were able to add an effect that mimicked using a tilt shift camera lens. I took this picture from the top of Safeco field in downtown Seattle. In this photo I was trying to show how truly colorful and awesome the city of Seattle is.


I chose this photo because it put a sort of surreal twist to the photo that I truly enjoyed.  This for a story starter project but I wish I would have added someone into the beam of light in the top left corner to make them look like they were abducted but I ran out of time. I climbed to the top of my roof and took this picture one night making it one of my favorites.


This photo I found kind of creepy but that’s what makes it so interesting. Podophobia is the fear of feet. I buried my feet in the sand at Seaside and as they sunk I snapped this picture. You might be wondering why the water is black. The black water is from a form of plankton that come to shore every year.


The photo was actually one of the first photos I ever took in this class. It was for the project lines. As you can see the birds are flying in a straight line and the trees are in a straight line. I took this photo behind the school in an area we call “the pit”. I like how the photo expresses life and colors all in one.


Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction

“shhhh…. Quite they’ll hear you” say the mysterious girl in the corner. “Who’ll hear me, I just woke up and have no idea where I am or what I am doing!” “Their coming” says the mysterious girl in the corner as they swiftly place a burlap sack over her head and reach for mine. My screams can only muffle the sounds of their growls as I’m knocked to the floor unconscious once again.

Yesterday my name was Sarah. After the air raids on my town left me an orphan I had no choice but run or suffer the same fate as my family. I ran for the hills, the only place that I thought they would never find me.  I swear it felt like I had been running for days but it must have only been hours. All I had for food was the half eaten piece of bread that I stole the day before. My heart pounded as I flashbacked to what has happened to me, but more importantly how am I going to survive without the loving care and guidance provided to by my caring family.

As the days passed by and I became more and more familiar with my surroundings, I marched deeper and deeper into the uncharted forests. Running low on food, energy, and motivation to continue my journey, I spotted something out of the ordinary. It was what looked like small men with light orange beards. “This could really be my lucky break!” I thought to myself. I proceeded in moving closer to them praying they were friendly.  Once I got within feet of one of them I put out my hand for an appropriate hand shake as a proper American would do. Just as I thought my luck couldn’t get any worse, they all started yelling in a ballistic panic for me the follow them into this cave. Struggling to piece things together I noticed one of the short breaded men had a pick axe on him, and to think of it they all had a pickaxe. I had then realized this was no cave this is a mine! Then I pieced it together that these were no ordinary short breaded men, they were dwarves. 

As my adrenalin calmed and I began to except that the fact that they had taken me without my Permission, I thought to myself. Maybe, just maybe they were actually helping me for my own good because they had glimpse of another air raid approaching or knew something wasn’t right. No no no, that’s much to good to be true. “Where are you people taking?” I asked sternly. There was no answer. “I demand an answer!” THUMP, I was immediately dropped.

This is where we resume our story, because of that nasty fall right onto my head I was knocked unconscious. When I had woke I found myself put into a cage on wheels being carted to god know where. Each moment I was in this prison made me more and more upset, yet I kept my compositor so I would not have to give them the satisfaction of my pain. After three into the journey we finally stopped. The bearded men then released me from the cage and prompted me to step forward. “Now I’m confused” I thought to myself. Why would we travel all this way to the middle of nowhere just to let me go free? Noticeably the soil started to change every step we took from mud to rock to bone. This absolutely terrified me I knew what was happening and there was no way for me to stop it. Moments later we had arrived to the spot where they tied me down to what looked like an alter for a sacrifice. This dragon began crawling its way out of the depths of the cave for which it resided. Ever so gallantly it made its way to my death bed. When in position it took a deep breath and spit fire toward me. The flame wasn’t close enough to cause great damage but close enough to feel the heat and seer the rope that held me at the altar. With one quick push I broke free and ran for my life. The dragon upset that I had escaped began to take flight and chase me. I ran as fast as my little legs could take me into the forests.

5 years later: I had made a home in the woods and am at peace, no more war, suffering, or arguments. Where I reside no one will find me, even if they tried. I have met someone, we are happy. For anyone who is reading this, I wish you the best of luck and pray that you get out while you still can. The world is not safe anymore…

DECA has been a huge influence on my life throughout high school. It will also continue to influence my choices after high school as I go to WSU and take part in their business school. I started DECA my sophomore year and had no idea what I was getting  myself into. “Another club to keep me busy, Blahhh”. But it’s more than that; DECA is a family, where together you strive for success in the business world. People might say “why would I take DECA?” DECA not only has prepared me for life beyond high school but has allowed me to travel. If you qualify for SCDC (state career development conference) you get to travel with all your DECA friends up to Belleview for a weekend.  You stay in a marvelous hotel, and have the opportunity to be a part of something great. You’re a part of over 3,000 students all dressed up competing for a slot to attend ICDC in Orlando Florida. I just so happened to have an opportunity that few do which was to take part in this year ICDC. I placed 5th in the state with my public relations campaign earning me a spot. My project was on the dangers of texting while driving. The main distracted driving event took place on a cold morning of November 20th were students would drive a golf cart through an obstacle course while texting. Cool right? This course showed students and community members who participated in the event the true dangers of texting while driving.  Students were also asked to fill out a survey on “Will you text while driving?”, and “Did you find this event useful?” 80% said they wouldn’t texting while driving and over 90% said that they found this event useful. The results that we obtained really showed that our project was making a difference.  On April 29 - May 4, 2011 our DECA chapter boarded a plane flying toward the city of Orlando in Florida. When we finally arrived at our hotel we had a mere 4 hours of sleep before we spent a full day of fun and adventure in Universal Studios. That night we got to attend Disney Grad Night. This event is usually only for senior in Florida but because we were there for a DECA trip were invited for this night of excitement. At Grad Night we saw Taio Cruz and my favorite 30H3 perform live in concert on in front of the Disney castle.  Though we had a lot of fun through amusement parks and event we were also there for business. Rachael Alvick and I competed in front of judges in hope to make finals (top 16). The competition was out of the hundreds of presentations and each of the 8 judges was only allowed to pick 2 projects to move on. Our project was one of the 2 chosen, this meant we had to present later that day the our project and 15 others would present in front of one judge. That judge decided who would make it on stage (top 8) and place 1st 2nd and 3rd. As we sat there awaiting them to hopefully call you up onto the stage our project was called. We did not place top 3 but hey, top 8 in the nation, Canada, Guam, Mexico, and Germany isn’t too bad.

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